Directory of Editors

Isla Aitken

Isla Aitken: editor, writer, proofreaderCIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: copyediting, (re)writing, proofreading, copywriting

Preferred subject areas: fiction, narrative non-fiction, corporate, business, health, environment, arts, humanities, marketing, science, technology

With more than twenty years’ experience in editing, media and PR, I now work on a wide range of materials in varying genres and on different platforms.

I specialise in supporting self-published authors, not only editing and proofreading but also typesetting and producing books for publication.

I have edited fiction and memoirs, rewriting where necessary, and flagging up a lack of clarity or consistency. For those with a tighter budget, my proofreading service simply looks for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

I also work on articles, reports, press releases, dissertations and essays, both editing and performing extensive rewrites, maintaining both the message and the voice of my client. I’m happy to fact check and engage in research.

I’ve written and edited copy for, and managed the production of, military, dentistry, technology and consumer magazines; created copy for corporate websites; and written news and features on a range of subjects from travel to underground coal gasification.

I am also very keen to support those for whom English is not the first language, or those who lack confidence in their writing skills but still have a story to tell.

Mobile: 07312 123678
LinkedIn: Isla Aitken
Twitter: @GreenGablesEdit
Facebook: @GreenGablesEditing

Helen Bleck

Helen Bleck_editor-proofreaderCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: structural and copyediting, proofreading, manuscript feedback, project management

Preferred subject areas: fiction and narrative non-fiction;
arts and humanities educational, academic and reference

With more than twenty years’ experience both in-house and freelance, I work on a wide variety of projects: everything from novels and children’s books to study aids, academic texts and journal papers, as well as narrative non-fiction. My Masters in Fantasy Literature is particularly helpful when I’m working on speculative fiction, fruitfully complementing my MA in European History with German.

I provide feedback on early drafts, alongside bespoke one-to-one workshops for beginning writers to help with any particular areas of concern (looking at, for instance, narrative perspective, or ‘show’ versus ‘tell’). I also offer developmental support, and once a draft has been finalised, an in-depth line edit and copyedit. I proofread typeset/designed proofs as well, on hard copy or pdf. 

My clients include Birlinn, Canongate, Collins, ELC Museums, Edinburgh University Press, Hodder Gibson and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, as well as individual writers at varying levels of experience, from beginner to established.

I am reliable and prompt, and always available to discuss your project. Do get in touch!

Mobile: 07568 929422
LinkedIn: Helen Bleck

Jackie Borge

Jackie Borge proofreaderCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: proofreading

Preferred subject areas: education, skills development & learning, public policy & government, health & social care, social sciences, business management, finance

I’m Jackie, an experienced proofreader who can help you to produce writing that is clear and accurate, and free from mistakes.

When I proofread your final draft, I’ll check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, and also make suggestions for improving the clarity and consistency of your document. I’ll ensure that tables and illustrations are correctly numbered and placed, references and citations are correctly formatted, and that you’ve followed any style or brand guidelines.

I can proofread your document on paper or on screen, using Track Changes in Microsoft Word or BSI (British Standards Institution) proof-correction marks.

Mobile: 07889 238985

Sam Boyce

Sam BoyceCIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: development editing

Preferred subject areas: full-length commercial fiction (all genres), literary fiction, narrative non-fiction

I’ve been working with writers professionally for over 20 years, as a literary agent, editor and most recently as head of the MA in Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier University. I now run Sam Boyce Writers’ Consultancy full time.

I work with draft manuscripts to identify issues of structure, style and technique, and use a combination of written feedback, line edits and dialogue (face to face or via Skype) to help the author develop solutions. I also provide troubleshooting assistance for creative work-in-progress.

A full manuscript assessment service and flexible development packages are available for beginners, self-publishing writers and those aiming for a commercial publishing deal.

Mobile: 07720 811 814
Twitter: @SamBoyceEditor
LinkedIn: Sam Boyce Editor

Joanna Brown

Joanna BrwonCIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: proofreading and copyediting

Preferred subject areas: humanities, theatre, English, arts

I’m an English teacher based in Fife. I have been teaching English as a second language for over ten years and I have recently started working as a proofreader and copyeditor. I’m also a published author and editor of fiction and creative non-fiction.


  • Basic Proofreading (Merit), Publishing Training Centre
  • Introduction to Copyediting, SfEP (now CIEP)
  • CELTA – Pass B (Certificate in teaching English to adults) Cambridge
  • BA (Hons) Theatre: 2:1

My preferred subject area is the humanities and I have mainly worked on academic dissertations and PhD theses, but I am happy to work on any projects and subjects. As well as experience of proofreading humanities texts I also have experience of proofreading scientific papers for a petroleum research institute in Saudi Arabia.

Please get in touch to discuss how I can help with your project. I’m happy to provide you with a free sample of my work.

LinkedIn: Joanna Brown

Sarah Campbell

CIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: copyediting, proofreading, (re)writing, research

Preferred subject areas: arts, humanities, social science; academic, non-fiction, fiction, educational materials

I offer professional copyediting and proofreading services across a wide range of subjects. Following 25 years in academic and government social research, I draw on my experience of undertaking, commissioning, managing and publishing social policy and public sector research and professional training in copyediting and proofreading.

I’ve built up an extensive portfolio for a range of clients including Birlinn, Routledge and Policy Press. Projects include copyediting multi and single author academic books and journal articles, non-fiction books and a thriller, as well as proofreading theses and dissertations and editing material translated into English. I often work with authors for whom English is a second language.

I’m committed to ensuring that you get your message across clearly and accurately in your preferred format, bringing attention to detail and sensitivity to matters of style.

Mobile: +44 (0)7851 064381

Gillian Cloke

Gill H&S1CIEP Entry-Level Member

I have worked in editing since 1998, freelance since 2005. I have experience in commissioning, writing, project management, development and editing to production. I’m also a published author in my own right (with Routledge) – so am experienced in both sides of the debate!

I offer the complete range of editing services – trouble-shooting a specialty! Project managing, writing / re-writing, research, copyediting. Experienced working in education, history, music, religion, medicine, architecture, literature and advocacy (mental health, disability rights, special needs, elder care).

Satisfied clients include Routledge, Cambridge University Press, Birlinn, Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).


Belinda Cunnison

Belinda CunnisonCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: copyediting

Preferred subject areas: humanities and social sciences

I have been proofreading and (mainly) copyediting since 2000, working on multi-author books and monographs, journal papers, reports and dissertations. I have a track record in editing academic writing in humanities and social sciences, often by writers whose first language is not English. Usually I work on screen with the aid of tracking facilities, enabling the client to accept or reject changes.

I understand the importance of clear written communication and know how distracting small errors and verbal infelicities can be to the reader. I will correct any errors in grammar and spelling, repetition, omission, awkward expression and inaccurate ordering of headings or illustrations, and query anything that is unclear to me. I can ensure that your document is clear, accurate and ready for use.

Recent clients include Edinburgh University Press, Cambridge University Press (journals), Boydell & Brewer, ECPR Press and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (Glasgow).

Mobile: 07766 966421
Telephone: 0131 554 6355
LinkedIn: Bel Copyediting

Lesley Ellen

Lesley EllenCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: copyediting

Preferred subject areas: public policy, politics, economics, sustainable development, business and marketing

Experienced copyeditor and proofreader.

I work with academics, research organisations and think tanks on journal articles, research papers and other academic publications. I also work with organisations and companies on marketing and promotional materials. Specialist subjects include public policy, politics, economics, development economics, sustainable development, international relations, marketing, corporate communications, and business and organisational management.

My degree in French helps me understand some of the issues faced by non-native English speakers when writing academic texts. I am experienced in working with authors for whom English is a second language, and I also work with translation agencies to create clear, correct and natural English in translated material.

I welcome all enquiries and provide a prompt, friendly, confidential and professional service. Please email me or visit my website for further information.


Angela Gardner

Angela GardnerCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: copywriting, copyediting and proofreading

Preferred subject areas: business, education, science, technology, public affairs, chemistry

I work with words to create products that are clear, accurate, well-structured and effective. I have experience of many different formats, styles and requirements. Clients include publishers, businesses, public bodies and charities. Macmillan Education described me as ‘a very sharp editor, and a pleasure to work with’; an author writing for Routledge said my input was ‘invaluable’; and a global training company praised my ‘process, punctuality and thoroughness’.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Polymer Science & Technology (Chemistry) and achieved Distinction in the Publishing Training Centre Basic Proofreading course.

I established the public affairs consultancy AJ Enterprises in 1994 following 10 years with BP, first as research technologist then as senior public affairs officer. I also research, write and publish the learning and skills digest, Informed Scotland.

Twitter: @ajentscotland

Hannah Grego

EEN pic HG.pngCIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading

Preferred subject areas: business, finance, non-fiction, arts and humanities, literature and fiction

I’m an experienced writer, editor and proofreader, specialising in fiction, financial services and business writing.

My role is to help you articulate your ideas as effectively as possible in writing. You can count on me to be diplomatic, respectful and encouraging, whilst still giving you the comprehensive support and constructive feedback you’re looking for.

My credentials are as follows:

  • Trained in Fiction Editing and Proofreading by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders
  • Trained in Copyediting by Publishing Scotland
  • Member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network
  • First Class MA Hons French Literature & Language, with Italian and English Literature
  • Awarded the University of Edinburgh’s F. C. Green prize for French Literature
  • MSc in Film
  • Running a successful writing and editing consultancy since 2011.

Please visit my website at or get in touch at to discuss how I can help with your project.

Hattie Hammersmith

Hattie Hammersmith, copyeditor and proofreaderCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: copyediting and proofreading

Preferred subject areas: genre fiction for children and adults, business, history, archaeology, social sciences, the arts, nutrition and cookbooks

An experienced copyeditor and proofreader, I work in both UK and US English. I grew up in the US and have lived in Scotland for nearly twenty years. With a US Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a UK Master’s degree in Archaeology, I am also a published non-fiction author.

Using Word with Track Changes, PDF markup or hard copy with BSI marks, I will refine your words and polish your manuscript. I’ve worked with independent authors, business professionals and publishers. I love words and pride myself on a keen eye for detail and a commitment to hitting deadlines.

Recent projects have included copyediting a book for HR professionals, a children’s fiction chapter book, a romance novel and an employee policy update for a local firm.

Your project is unique. Each piece of work will be assessed on an individual basis, taking into account your requirements and the level of editing involved. I offer a free sample edit along with a no-obligation quote.

You’ve worked hard to put your thoughts and ideas into words; I will help you make sure those words are polished and clear while still retaining your own voice.


Kat Harvey

kat-harveyCIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: line editing, copyediting, proofreading, ghostwriting

Preferred subject areas: genre fiction, creative non-fiction, history, crime, sci-fi/fantasy, romance, thriller, erotica, adventure, paranormal

I’m Kat, editor and proofreader, avid consumer of stories, based in central Scotland, accepting work from all over the world. I provide professional editing and proofreading services to writers of genre fiction and creative non-fiction.

I am supportive, enthusiastic, approachable, creative and efficient. I love reading and aim to help bring as many good books into the world as possible. Editing is my passion. You can rely on me to give your work the respect it deserves, giving definition to your voice without drowning it out.

I provide a free sample edit so that you can see if you like my approach before hiring me. Trained in proofreading and copyediting by the SfEP (now CIEP) and Chapterhouse, I am also a member of the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals.

LinkedIn: Kat Harvey Athenacopy

Shirley Henderson

Shirley Henderson_editorCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: clear editing and writing for print/web

Preferred subject areas: public/third sector information materials, equalities, gender-based violence, rights-based/legal, social research/policy, social/environmental

A language graduate, I have run my successful copyediting/copywriting business for over 20 years. Previously, I was an information officer for a Scottish charity and then managed a guidance project for women returners.

My ethos is about making sure that written communication is open and honest, and understandable to target readers; a client described me as the ‘queen of clarity’.

Recent projects:

  • Parenting Across Scotland (monthly bulletin/web articles/annual report)
  • Social Research Association (Research Matters quarterly magazine/Social
  • Research Practice biennial journal)
  • Crofting Connections (case studies; summary of academic evaluation)
  • Scottish Government Equalities Unit (Equally Safe monthly bulletin)
  • Legal Services Agency (preventing eviction)
  • Victim Support Scotland (volunteer information)
  • media coop (website for Shakti Women’s Aid)
  • Blake Stevenson Ltd (policy paper for environmental charity)


Fiona Herbert

Fiona HerbertCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: proofreading, proof editing, copy editing, line editing

Preferred subject areas: fiction, narrative non-fiction, arts, humanities

Having worked on projects such as the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s magazine, I pay meticulous attention to detail, follow style guides and stick to deadlines when proofreading.

I enjoy working with independent authors, whether proofreading, copy editing or line editing their novels, and I am a Partner Member of ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors). I fully appreciate the importance of maintaining each author’s unique voice. I am happy to work in narrative non-fiction and any genre of fiction. I also work with researchers and postgraduate students, including those with English as an additional language. 

I have an MA in English Literature (Glasgow University) and a Distinction in Creative Writing (Open University single module).

When taking on new clients, I work with them to assess what type of service they need, and agree on pricing and time frame. Commitment-free consultation comes as standard, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

Mobile: 07951888033

Andrew Hodges

Andrew Hodges, editor, proofreader, translaterCIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: science fiction, fantasy, horror, fiction developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, literary translation (Croatian/German to English)

Hi there! I’m Dr Andrew Hodges, the owner of an editorial business called The Narrative Craft. I work primarily with indie and traditionally published authors on fiction manuscripts for publication.

My expertise is in worldbuilding and setting, and so science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction are the genres I work in most of all. I’m also interested in cultural considerations when crafting stories, and in how universal or culture-bound various patterns of stories are. I especially love giving editorial feedback in these areas.

Before I became a book editor, I worked as a cultural anthropologist in the UK, Germany, and Croatia. I gained a PhD in social anthropology from the University of Manchester (2013), and I have a degree in the history of science from the University of Cambridge (2005).

I completed my editorial training with the EFA, CIEP and PTC and have trained in fiction developmental editing, line-editing, copyediting and proofreading.

I also write short stories and novels. Ask me about my current work in progress – a subterranean social SF novel.

Mobile: +447564512523

Heather Jacobson

Heather Jacobson editorCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: copyediting, proofreading

Preferred subject areas: non-fiction and narrative non-fiction, essays, science journal articles, academic and research

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader with a background in academic scientific research. I used to be an astronomer, and in that role I learned to explain complex topics to audiences ranging from other scientists to young children. I have experience working to a deadline both independently and as part of large, international collaborations, and I can keep the larger context in mind while focusing on the details. As a trained editor, I now use these skills to help clients communicate as effectively as possible with their target audiences.

Although my background is in astronomy and physics, I am happy to take on any subject and am always eager to learn something new. Some of my most satisfying work has been with non-fiction essays and travel guides. Please check out my website to learn more about me and my services, and get in touch to see how I can help you. Because there’s a science to writing well.

LinkedIn: HRJEdits

Linsay MacLean

Linsay_MacLeanCIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: proofreading, writing

Preferred subject areas: any area considered

Whether you’re an academic, a student, an author, a business or producing copy for whatever reason, having it properly proofread, ensuring spelling, punctuation, grammar and layout are correct, will help it to be the best it can be.

I proofread in Word (using Track Changes), on PDFs or on hard copy using BSI marks and pride myself on working to deadlines and on my communication with clients.

My experience includes: undergraduate/postgraduate essays/theses; academic journal articles; various novels; a non-fiction book; business documents; website content; local newsletter articles. I often proofread work by non-native English speakers and I also proofread for dyslexic students.

With over 25 years’ marketing experience in both public and private sectors, I also provide a marketing consultancy service for small businesses.

Mobile: +44 (0)773 800 4513
Twitter: @linsaymaclean
LinkedIn: Linsay Maclean
Facebook: @lmconsultingscotland

Gary McGlone

Gary McGlone, proofreader and copyeditorCIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: copyediting and proofreading short stories, student essays and dissertations

Preferred subject areas: medicine, nursing, biological sciences, literature, education; fiction: historical fiction, magical realism

I am a graduate of Italian and Economics from the University of Strathclyde and in Nursing from the University of Glasgow. I worked in Italy as a translator before becoming a nurse. After several years working in intensive care, I changed career to supporting adults with autism and learning disabilities.

I have studied copyediting and proofreading with the CIEP and now work freelance, editing student work at all undergraduate levels. I write historical fiction and magical realism, which has taught me a great deal about the craft of writing.

I can use BSI (British Standards Institution) proofreading tools on paper or online and Microsoft Track Changes to work on your document. If I can help you improve your writing or if you just have a query, please do get in touch. I am happy to provide a sample of my work.

Mobile: 07392 967724

Anju Okhandiar

Anju_Okhandiar CIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: editing, proofreading

Preferred subject areas: education, English as an Additional Language (EAL), German, Hindi, linguistics, philology and literary writing (fiction, including children’s fiction)

I am an editor and proofreader. I was an English teacher for 21 years before retraining, and I have been offering freelance editorial services full-time since 2010. I taught English as an Additional Language to pupils whose first language was not English. My mother tongue is Hindi, and I am also proficient in German – I love languages.

I have edited books/stories in English and Hindi for about 10 years now. A few of these have been published abroad. I work in agreement with my client’s house style. I prepare drafts, reports and summaries, and adapt materials according to guidelines.

A qualified proofreader, having undertaken proofreading courses with the CIEP and Publishing Scotland, I have over 20 years of experience in this field. I work on paper as well as on-screen, using Word with Track Changes or by marking up PDFs with BSI (British Standards Institution) proofreading marks. I correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors, and adjust variations in style to ensure a professional final presentation.

I proudly volunteer my editing and proofreading services to a children’s charity.

Mobile: +44 (0)787 942 7668
LinkedIn: Anju Okhandiar

Alison Platts

Alison PlattsCIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: copyediting, proofreading, writing, rewriting

Preferred subject areas: social sciences, social policy, social research, government and governance, justice, health and social care

I am a freelance editor and researcher. I offer a range of editorial services including proofreading, copyediting, writing and rewriting. I will consider work in any area, but have particular knowledge in the fields of social science, social policy, social research, government and governance, and additional expertise in the areas of justice, and health and social care. Recent commissions have included academic theses, research reports, corporate literature and educational resources.

I have a degree in social policy and a background in social research, and am particularly interested in work that makes use of both my research and editorial skills.

I provide a quality service, and bring professionalism, integrity and attention to detail to all my work.


Nicola Radley

Nicola Radley, proofreaderCIEP Entry Level Member

Specialisms: proofreading

Preferred subject areas: fiction, narrative non-fiction, government and politics, archaeology, nature and outdoor activity, mental health and wellbeing, autism

I am a proofreader based in East Lothian. I have many years’ experience of proofreading and editing documents in my former career as a civil servant. I am passionate about the power of using words well and understand the persuasiveness of a clearly written and error-free text. I started my freelance editorial business in 2023.

I will usually work on your text on screen as a PDF or Word file. I can work using PDF comment tools, Word Track Changes, or can mark changes in BSI. I can also work on hard copy.

I am proactively undertaking ongoing CIEP training to ensure that I always apply the latest professional editorial standards to your project. I am currently offering proofreading and proof-editing, and will soon be expanding to offer copyediting. If you think I would be a good match for your text, whatever editorial service you require, drop me an email and I would be happy to discuss.


Audrey Scardina

Audrey ScardinaCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: copyediting and proofreading

Preferred subject areas: archaeology, heritage, ancient history and other academic or academic-adjacent humanities texts

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader with a background in archaeology and heritage. I have a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh and have six years’ experience working as a freelance archaeology, archive and heritage consultant. These experiences taught me how to work to deadlines, collaborate with colleagues and focus on the important details, all while keeping the big picture in mind.

My academic and freelance work has given me a good grounding in the importance of clear and accessible academic writing. I have worked on texts from a wide variety of subjects and fields, from Palaeolithic Scotland to early childhood education. Subjects I am especially familiar with include, but are not limited to, Scottish archaeology, history, and heritage; Iron Age, Roman, Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval archaeology and history; quantitative analysis in the humanities; and heritage and archival research.

I have experience of working on academic texts such as books, articles, grant applications and CVs. I have also worked on non-academic texts such as press releases, newsletters, websites and magazine articles. These projects have included authors with English as an additional language.

I enjoy learning about new topics and fields, so please do get in touch with me if you think I’d be a good fit for your project.

LinkedIn: Audrey Scardina

Verity Shaw

verity-shawCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: copyediting, proofreading, anglicising, rewriting, indexing

Preferred subject areas: fiction, history, art history, illustrated art catalogues, illustrated cookery books, modern architecture

With over 230 freelance editorial projects under my belt, I relish every new challenge!

Past and present clients include the Ashmolean Museum, the British Library, Collins, Edinburgh University Press, Granta, HarperCollins, the National Museum of Scotland, Portobello Books, Thames & Hudson and Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

The diversity of my client list is only matched by the sheer variety of subject-matter I enjoy working on: from 200,000 words on world religions to The Times Great Irish Lives, Obituaries; from plays by Shakespeare to murder mysteries by Agatha Christie to historical ones by Bernard Cornwall; from Chelsea Football Club’s Personal Pension Plan to beautifully illustrated cookery books by Nigel Slater and tomes on modern architecture.

Email me, please, to discuss how I can help you.


Sarah Turnbull

CIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: proofreading

Preferred subject areas: biological sciences, biotechnology, medical technology

I am a freelance proofreader based in Edinburgh. I am interested in working with students on PhD theses and master’s dissertations, academics on research papers and journal articles, and scientific research organisations.

I welcome enquiries relating to most subject matters. My past career and experience make me particularly suited to working in the following subject areas:

  • Biological sciences and biotechnology
  • Medical devices
  • Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation in higher education
  • Higher education policy on the promotion of standards in learning and teaching, student experience and student success.

I have a Masters in Microbiology, and over 20 years’ experience in sales, account management and business development. I have recently completed several SfEP (now CIEP) training courses.

Please contact me to discuss your project.

I offer a professional, efficient, friendly and confidential service.

M: 07747 499516
Twitter: @turnbulleditor1

Samuel Verdin

Samuel Verdin editorCIEP Intermediate Member

Specialisms: structural editing, copyediting, proofreading, copywriting, manuscript consultation, editorial project management and web editing

Preferred subject areas: literary theory and criticism, English literature, journalism, creative non-fiction, children’s literature, illustrated fiction, science fiction, metafiction, literary fiction and contemporary poetry

Meet your local editor, freelance ‘publishing guy’ and copywriter, with an invested, professional interest in print and digital literature production, project management, digital marketing and open, transparent client relations.

From small details to big manuscripts, I have experience at every stage of the editorial chain. In the past, I have worked on full-length prose, poetry, illustrated children’s books, self-help guides, cookbooks and games. So, whether you’re looking for a meticulous proofread or a more substantive edit, I am here to help.

Beyond that, I also have experience in project management, typesetting, digital marketing, CMS and web design, which enables me to offer a helping hand at every crucial step of a book’s publishing journey.

Take a look at my website or associated social accounts if you’d like to see what else I can offer.

Some recent projects that I have been/am currently involved with are Alfie and the Dragon: The Magic Miller of Melin Llynon (Redstart Publishing, 2022–23), The Little Book of Curry (Summersdale, 2022), Typographic Studies (Jonathon Davison, 2022), Love is a Staffie (Summersdale, 2022), The Little Box of Wellbeing (Summersdale, 2022), A Wild Goose Chase (Redstart Publishing, 2021) and Pharos (Stryvling Press, 2021).


Juliet Wilberforce

Juliet WilberforceCIEP Professional Member

Specialisms: copyediting, substantive editing, proofreading

Preferred subject areas: academic (Latin, Ancient Greek, ancient civilisations; psychiatry; public health), children’s fiction & non-fiction (picture books and books for 8–11)

I am a Cambridge University Press & Assessment (CUP) freelance copyeditor for academic and trade books. Previously I worked on academic journals (pre-production), in-house, for a scientific publisher. I have a BA in Latin, and recent training in both copyediting and proofreading.

I fine-tune important editorial consistency and style issues, while the publisher’s clock ticks down to the deadline. The result is always more polished and of a higher standard of presentation. I have received glowing testimonials from authors (see my website below).

For non-publisher clients I offer a bespoke service. I recognise the paramount importance to writers of their hard graft over preceding months, even years, researching and drafting their text. It is always a pleasure to help them give their manuscript a thorough copyediting tidy-up; an otherwise tedious task for authors to undertake themselves. Alternatively, using deeper editorial analysis and the perspective of a ‘fresh eye’, I can provide constructive feedback or critique, with suggestions for re-writing.

I welcome:

  • Manuscripts needing deeper level intervention (substantive editing), written by individual authors targeting publishers.
  • Manuscripts by authors who do not have English as a first language. The text will benefit from adjustment by an editor with native English, to ensure clarity of argument and accuracy of grammar and spelling.
  • Manuscripts for children, whether requiring a light edit or attention at a deeper editing level. What grabs children’s attention, and how do characterisation, pace and storyline grip their attention to the end? (I worked with individual primary pupils in reading sessions over four years both as a volunteer and ‘at the coal face’ as a member of the support staff.)
  • Content for publications written by charities and associations; frequently more than one member of staff makes contributions and the final draft needs professional editorial scrutiny to achieve consistency, good grammar and style.

Each project is different. Please contact me with number of words and deadline and I can discuss scope, brief and cost.

Phone: 07539 677287
LinkedIn: Juliet Wilberforce

Noni Wilson

Noni Wilson, copyeditor and proofreaderCIEP Entry-Level Member

Specialisms: copyediting and proofreading

Preferred subject areas: humanities, linguistics, foreign languages, health & social care

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader with a degree in German and linguistics, as well as a background in health and social care work. I have an excellent understanding of how language works, and how to make it work for you. If you struggle to make yourself understood in your writing, or perhaps you just know that you always get mixed up between there, their and they’re, I can help fix all those little details that are holding you back.

Having studied foreign languages, I also appreciate how difficult it is to write in a language which isn’t your first. If English is not your first language, I can help make sure that your work reads as well as if it were your mother tongue.

I generally work on smaller projects, such as articles, newsletters or website content, but welcome all enquiries.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information or to discuss your project!


Gale Winskill

photo_Gale Winskill

CIEP Advanced Professional Member

Specialisms: structural editing and copyediting, proofreading, critiques, training

Preferred subject areas: fiction (adult’s and children’s) and general non-fiction

Does your book need some professional TLC to get it ready for publication, for either self-publishing or by traditional means? Look no further! As a highly trained editor with over 25 years of in-house and freelance experience, I specialise in fiction (adult’s and children’s) and work regularly on narrative non-fiction and general non-fiction.

Other current experience includes: tutoring on the Writing Fiction component of the six-week HarperCollins Author Academy; partnership with the Page Turners Award; tutoring on the CIEP’s Introduction to Fiction Editing course; and mentoring on the CIEP’s proofreading mentoring scheme.

Past and present clients include traditional publishing houses, as well as independent and self-publishing authors throughout the world.

No subject too obscure; constructive feedback guaranteed. All questions and projects considered. No-obligation quotes provided.

Take a look at my website for more information and client testimonials.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


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