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Edinburgh Editors’ Network – how we can help businesses, organisations and individuals in Scotland’s capital city

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Anyone familiar with Edinburgh will recognise it as a city of culture, learning, business, government and much more besides. Its world-renowned festivals, universities and businesses draw thousands of people here each year to visit, study and work in one of Europe’s top-rated cities. With its long-held reputation for excellence in publishing and as the home of numerous best-selling authors and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, Edinburgh became UNESCO’s first City of Literature in 2004. It frequently wins awards for the quality of life it offers to those who live and work here (see Invest Edinburgh for more details) and I am proud to work as a freelance editor in such a wonderful city.

The written word, online and on paper, is central to so much that makes Edinburgh tick. Institutions, organisations, businesses and individuals across the city produce materials and documents that people read. These can range from novels to academic texts, from websites to corporate documents, from government reports to policy documents produced by charities and professional bodies, and from student papers to personal statements and CVs.

Members of the recently formed Edinburgh Editors’ Network work on all types of written material to help clients get their message across clearly through polished and error-free text. Our services include proofreading, copy-editing, writing, typesetting and editorial project management. We are all members of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) – a UK-based professional organisation for editors and proofreaders – and we work with clients throughout the UK and further afield.

Individual members of our network are already making a positive contribution to the written output of our city. From now on, we will be able to make an even greater contribution by collaborating and bringing editorial excellence to an ever-wider group of clients. I’m delighted to be a part of this network and I’m looking forward to making new connections and to doing whatever I can to help clients across Scotland’s capital city.

Posted by Lesley Ellen (EllenEditorial). Lesley studied and then worked in the public sector in Edinburgh for over twenty-five years, writing and editing all manner of business documents and communications. She has been working as a freelance editor for three years and specialises in academic editing as well as proofreading for businesses, organisations and individuals.